The unexpected relationship trick I learnt from Lucifer Season 4


I don’t know about you, but this week I learnt something new about relationship while watching Lucifer of all things. Before I go into more details here, I just wanted to mention that if you haven’t watched the last season of Lucifer, the Netflix series, then you probably might want to skip this article in order to avoid spoilers. If you don’t care about spoilers, then go right ahead.

While I did learn a few things from the show over the years, there was one thing I just saw in this latest season that I found incredibly brilliant and I cannot believe I have not thought of it before. It was so obvious and yet so amazing.

Look, you probably don’t know this yet, but in my albeit short life, I only had two serious relationships. While I did have many casual relationships, I only fell in love once and the guy cheated on me. You probably heard this all before, but from Olivia. However, the similarities between our stories end there. I love Olivia like a sister, but I am more of a free spirit and she will ever be. I love sex and I love dating so I am not going to apologise for that, but I fell in love once and I thought that maybe I could do the whole relationship thing. Apparently I was able to, but he wasn’t…

The moment I saw him making out with another girl in the club we used to frequent, I felt like someone punched me in the face. I guess that is the usual feeling people get in these type of situations. So I went ahead and did something stupid. I kissed the first attractive guy that came my way and went home with him. That ended up being the worst experience in my life.

You probably realised by now that I am no stranger to casual sex, in fact I love it, but I was stupid that night and did something more impulsive than I usually would have done. I was also angry and upset which did not help matters. All I wanted to show my ex-boyfriend was that it was his loss. There were many other men out there who could not wait to get a piece.

That is why the episode from Lucifer I saw last night catch my attention. I wish I would have done what Eve did – hooking up with the same girl she caught his boyfriend kissing. Things probably would have gone way better than they did and I would not have this one big regret I cannot seem to shake no matter how much I try.

I did not tell you all of this so that you can feel sorry for me. I wanted to bring to your attention that there are other ways to get back to someone if you really feel the need. Revenge isa petty thing, but let’s be real, there are times when we are not above resorting to such practices. If these things bother you, then read the rest of the girls stories on this website and skip mine.

All I know is that hooking up with the same girl my boyfriend cheated on me with would have been much better than what I’ve done instead. Of course that doing nothing at all and just breaking up with him would have been even better, but I was young and stupid. Who am I kidding, I still am! However, this one scene is one I had to talk about as it is both brilliant and could have helped me avoid a lot of pain if only I had thought to pull something like this off.

Hope it helps you to if you ever find yourself in such a situation and feel like doing something stupid

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